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Frequently Asked Question about IBD 301

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Here are some frequently questions about IBD301.

Q1:Can i get samples?
A : 1-3 pieces samples are available and delivery time usually 2-3 days.Customized order samples which based on our products will take 5-10days.Proofing time of special and complex samples depends on the actual situation.

Q2:What is the packaging?
A: We provide our brand IBD packaging or neutral color box packaging, we also can make your own designed OEM packaging, the MOQ is 1000pcs.

Q3:What is the lead time?
A: Sample is 2-3 working days, mass production time is 15-20days working days for the order less than 5000 pcs if without any changing. The very new reservation model is an exception which will take a little longer time for the order bellow 5000pcs.

Q4:If the devices don't support QC 2.0 tech, If it can be charged?
A : yes it should,As long as it takes the micro USB. but the charge speed will be as normal.

Q5:Can both ports quick charge simultaneously?
A : Both ports support Quick Charge 2.0 simultaneously. This car charger is also backward compatible with most existing fast charging standard. It can be up to charging rate 5v/1.5a ~ 2.4a.

Q6: Can Quick Charge hurt smartphone's battery?
A: Quick Charge operates within the design parameters of batteries found in most smartphones. It is just charging the battery the way it is designed to be charged.

Device manufacturers build smartphones with a specific battery that can accept a specific level of charge. The battery size and maximum current of each battery are design decisions made by the manufacturer and can vary from smartphone to smartphone, tablet to tablet and so on.

However, traditional battery charging technology does not come close to the full power requirements of today's large batteries. Quick Charge 2.0 is designed to allow device manufacturers to achieve the full rated capability of the batteries they choose while still meeting the performance and safety standards set by the battery manufacturer.

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