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Talent concept

To help the employees quickly integrate into the company’s environment and culture, systematically learn the knowledge and experience of teamwork, effectively play the aspiration and expertise of the colleagues, accelerate the improvement of their ability required in the work, and implement the continuous learning values, Lichuangfu formulates a competence development plan and a sound training system and provides multiple learning tools, and the heads of all the departments form a normal technology learning committee, to encourage and stimulate the learning and further develop a personal development plan as the basis of training, assessment and development. In addition, a fair and transparent promotion system is implemented to make the colleagues fit the right positions.

Sound training system
New colleagues, senior staff and supervisors have their own learning blueprint. In this company, continuous learning is one of the core values, and the average annual training hours and expenses received by each colleague rank the industry-leading level.

Multiple learning tools
Through various channels such as in-service training, off-the-job training and self-learning, we not only provide a platform and assistance but also use the alternated physical and online method, to ensure learning everywhere and let you grow together with the company.

Learning-encouraged environment
To allow the colleagues accumulate expertise and problem-solving experience in work, the learning-encouraged environment can be kept and efficiently transferred to create the largest value. The company has founded a technology learning committee to deal with and award the development of papers and technical research, which provides another channel for learning and exchanging.